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Don't ever trust these guys.
Got my Vito "repaired" there. 1000€ bill, mostly working hours (leaking on injectors, common issue with my CDI motor). I asked if everything was fine with it now, as I had to do a long trip ahead (Amsterdam to Marseilles). They said "yes, everything is fine". The Vito was indeed running... for 700km. Got a breakdown two days later, on the highway, near Paris. Went to a Mercedes garage there (200€ towing costs). After having a look they told me, and I quote, "We found the problem : it's the previous reparation that have been made like crap. I've never seen such a s***y job.". I called Mercedes after sales service, and was told "reparations are guaranteed 2 years, so we'll see what we can do about it". 3 weeks later (without my Vito), I got called back : "it's guaranteed except for defective work, and the Dutch garage refuses any responsibility, so we can't do anything about it."
I'm still amazed by how incredibly unprofessional that is.

PS : Stern Auto, if you have any complain about the accuracy of my comment, please sue me for libel. I'll be more than happy to see you in court on your own initiative, and I have all the proofs I need. You got my name.
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Review dit bedrijf!

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